Creal Clark & Seifert has a lot of experience with designing church facilities. From brand new structures to adding or renovating an existing facilities. We understand that each church is unique and has its own set of ministry needs. We work closely with church staff and building committees to define the specific needs of the congregation and pastoral staff.

Our goal is to provide a design that is visually appealing, highly functional and comfortable to be in. We strive to meet all of the spiritual and physical requirements your congregation may have.

We also understand that building or renovating a church facility is made possible primarily by church-wide fundraising efforts. Keeping the vision in front of the congregation and providing resources to help raise and sustain interest and support is of the utmost importance. With that in mind, Creal Clark & Seifert offers a variety of services to keep the church congregation informed.

Some of our Project Promotion services include:

  • Public & Private Informational Presentations
  • Public & Private Q&A Sessions
  • Artist Renderings – Cast Vision & Generate Excitement

A few of the areas we specialize in are:

  • Sanctuaries
  • Educational Facilities
  • Administrative Offices
  • Gymnasiums
  • Multipurpose Rooms/Facilities
  • Family Life Centers
  • Day Care Centers
  • Conference Areas
  • Renovations to existing facilities

Some criteria to consider for your church project:

  • Symbolism – through a variety of elements such as, windows, furniture, roof, shapes and spires.
  • Arts and Talents – painting, sculpture, stained glass, etc.
  • Friendliness – large visible entries with lots of glass
  • Altar and Sacraments – prominently placed
  • Other Rituals – prominently planned and placed
  • Sports Facilities – such as a gym, softball and soccer fields
  • Religious Education – Sunday school, Parochial school or Daycare
  • Senior Citizens
  • People with Special Needs (hearing or visually impaired, etc)
  • Barrier free facilities in compliance with ADA
  • Music – Choir, Orchestra, and Instruments
  • Parishioner Involvement in Worship – acoustical considerations
  • Drama and Concerts – Special lighting/audio effects
  • Other Areas to Consider: Maintenance factors of building materials
  • Energy Efficiency – building products, as well as mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Renovations of existing buildings to make them more aesthetically pleasing, functional, and energy efficient.
  • New Renovations: Renovations or adaptive re-use designs can be created for an existing facility that will maintain the historical beauty and integrity of the facility.